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Göteborg Basketball Festival takes the next steps with Solidsport

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Europe's largest basketball tournament stays on Solidsport. This is confirmed after Göteborg Basketball Festival has chosen to extend its agreement with the continued ambition to live stream and share all matches from the entire festival to its international audience. Now with some exicting news for this years edition.

In 2022, over 2,000 games from 35 courts were broadcasted on Solidsport, making it possible for both players, families and fans to follow the tournament remotely from anywhere in world. Through the partnership with Solidsport, the tournament was able to expand its audience and offer a more comprehensive experience for its viewers, something that Göteborg Basketball Festival now wants to build on.

"We're very happy to continue our collaboration with Solidsport for Göteborg Basketball Festival. Solidsport's technical platform has proven to be perfect for our purpose, which resulted in over 2,000 live broadcasts from the tournament last year. We look forward to working together again this year to offer an equally successful experience for our audience," says Linda Stenman, Project Manager for Göteborg Basketball Festival.

One exciting update for this year is that part of the tournament will be broadcasted with the help of AI technology, which is part of Solidsport's strategic work and latest investments. By using AI cameras, the quality of the broadcasts is raised at the same time as it support the tournament organizer, who does not need to hire cameramen for these courts.

"Göteborg Basketball Festival is a fantastic event and a respected tournament across Europe that we're very proud to collaborate with. It's also in line with our vision to continue building a leading streaming service for Swedish basketball through Basket TV. Through our continued investment in AI technology, the tournament will also be able to broadcast games more cost-effectively while at the same offering a better viewing experience for all parents and supporters from all over Europe," says Andreas Westerlind, Chief Commercial Officer at Solidsport.

Göteborg Basketball Festival takes place on May 18-21 2023.
All games can be streamed on baskettv.se/basketballfestival

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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