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Solidsport and Fair Play Cup enters streaming partnership with AI productions

Solidsport and Jönköping Innebandy have signed an agreement and launched their own OTT channel for Fair Play Cup, one of Sweden's biggest and most popular floorball tournaments, with 500 games from 13 arenas being broadcasted with AI productions.

Stockholm, April 5th, 2023 - Solidsport, a leading sports OTT provider, is already partner with Sweden's leading floorball tournaments such as Storvretacupen, Warbergsspelen, Linköping Floorball Games, Örebrocupen and Mälarenergi Cup, and has now signed a multi-year agreement with Jönköping Innebandy regarding Fair Play Cup, another prestigious floorball tournament in Sweden.

The partnership will enable Fair Play Cup to live stream games and share other content from the tournament directly to their followers and viewers through their own customized OTT channel on Solidsport. 

Fair Play Cup, which is organized by the regional floorball association of Småland Blekinge, Jönköping Innebandy, and Destination Jönköping, is one of the largest and most popular tournaments for floorball in the region. Since its inception in 2010, the tournament has attracted thousands of players and spectators from across the country.

Through the agreement with Solidsport, Fair Play Cup will be able to build its own streaming channel and provide fans and spectators with a unique experience by offering live broadcasts, highlights, interviews, and other content from the tournament.

We look forward to partner with Solidsport and having the opportunity to create our own streaming channel for Fair Play Cup. By offering live broadcasts and other content from the tournament, we will be able to increase our audience and provide a more comprehensive experience for our spectators.

– Ulric Svensson, Chairman of Jönköping Innebandy.

The games will also be produced with the help of leading AI technology in all 13 arenas.

We're very happy about this partnership and also excited about the fact that all games are broadcasted from 13 courts using leading AI technology, which is part of a strategic plan that Solidsport started in the beginning of this year and will continue to scale up going forward"

– Andreas Westerlind, Chief Commercial Officer at Solidsport.

About Solidsport

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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