2022-09-29 10:03Press release

Skating Finland extends partnership with Solidsport

Skating Finland is the next federation to renew their partnership with Solidsport and continue developing their streaming platform – “Skating Finland LIVE”.

Solidsport continues to be the official streaming partner of the Finnish Skating Federation.

With a successful first year that attracted more than 40 000 unique viewers, consuming over 35 000 hours of figure skating content, the partnership is now aiming for the next level.

We want to continue growing the visibility of our sport in various channels and among viewers via streaming services. Although figure skating is at its best onsite at the venue we want to make sure that as many fans as possible can watch the competitions in an easy way. Skating Finland LIVE channel has worked excellently during last season and I'm happy that in the upcoming season also the replays will be available for our viewers.

Outi Wuorenheimo, Secretary General of Skating Finland.

11 high quality events will be broadcasted live by Skating Finland the coming season and with many of them multi camera productions, such as the prestigious international competition Finlandia Trophy gathering all the top skaters in the world to Espoo on October 6-9.

Viewers can access all competitions by buying them separately or by purchasing as season ticket that includes them all for a total cost of 44.90€.

“It has been great to see the success story of Skating Finland LIVE so far and we’re very glad to be able to continue developing this as their streaming platform provider. Figure Skating is a very international and popular sport in Finland and with the help of our software and solutions we look forward to helping the viewers get an even better experience”

– Sauli Silvonen, Country Manager at Solidsport.


Explore Skating Finland LIVE by visiting: solidsport.com/skatingfinland

About Solidsport

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind
Sauli Silvonen
Country Manager, Finland
Sauli Silvonen

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