2022-09-09 11:00Press release

Handball Niedersachsen-Bremen launches HVNB LIVE – powered by Solidsport

The Handball federation of Lower Saxony - Bremen continues to expand their digital offering. Just a few days after the launch of the new homepage, the next building block is the HVNB's new streaming platform - HVNB LIVE.

The partnership with the streaming provider Solidsport was already communicated a few weeks ago, and as of today it is becoming clear what it is all about: The HVNB is launching its own streaming platform "HVNB LIVE", which can be accessed at live.hvnb-online.de. 

"One of our main goals was to set up our own streaming platform, which brings all live matches in the federation area under one roof. We are pleased that we managed to go online with the new platform in time for the start of the season. As a handball federation in Germany, we have a unique aspect with the platform at the moment. A big thank you to our partner Solidsport."

- Markus Ernst, HVNB managing director

"HVNB LIVE enables clubs and teams at all levels to stream their games live, making it accessible to everyone. And that centrally under the roof of the HVNB. With the launch we have reached the first milestone, in the coming days and weeks further features and updates will round off the service."

- Henry Blunck, Country Manager DACH Solidsport

On HVNB LIVE, clubs are going to be admin of their own channel, can offer relevant advertising space to their partners and sponsors, can publish additional video content and, of course, can offer the home matches of all teams live and on demand. This service, as well as the linked broadcast app, is free of charge for HVNB clubs, rather revenue can be generated through digital tickets, monthly subscriptions and season passes. Those who need to create videos anyway benefit from the unlimited archive and the practical download function of the HVNB platform. 

"The heart of HVNB LIVE are the channels and activities of the teams. In one place and with just a few clicks, the user can jump between teams, leagues and events and thus experience the entire diversity of handball in Lower Saxony-Bremen. By purchasing digital tickets, spectators support the teams directly and thus transparently promote sport in the region."

- Henry Blunck, Country Manager DACH Solidsport

About Solidsport

As one of the largest sport media platforms in Europe, Solidsport is leading the way of digitizing sports at all levels by making it possible for every sport federation, league, event, club or team to share their games online with fans, family and friends. With Solidsport, every team, club, league or event can broadcast their games and create new revenue streams through subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising possibilities. To date, over +3000 clubs and teams are using the Solidsport platform and apps across Europe, broadcasting over +200 000 games and sporting events.


Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind
Henry Blunck
Country Manager, Germany
Henry Blunck