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Swedish Basketball launches Basket TV: "Our own digital arena"

Swedish Basketball have already come far with their ambitions of making basketball games at all levels available online, with over 700 teams and clubs streaming over 14 000 games since 2018. Now they take next steps by launching their own customised sport platform Basket TV – powered by Solidsport.

The four year cooperation between the Swedish Basketball Federation (SBBF) and Solidsport is today proceeding to the next level. Today, SBBF proudly presents their own customized and branded OTT sport platform Basket TV, powered by their long-term partner Solidsport.  

Basket TV gives us the opportunity to create our own digital arena, customised for our basketball community.


– We've achieved great results when it comes to digitizing and enabling our sport at all levels, together with all our clubs, teams and organizers that have made this possible and together with Solidsport that provided us with an innovative platform and the right tools to succeed. Basket TV now gives us the opportunity to continue on this path under our own brand and create our own digital arena, customised for our basketball community, says Fredrik Joulamo, Secretary General of the Swedish Basketball Federation.

– Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Sweden, so it feels exciting to now not only provide our leading sport streaming platform but also a complete sport white label solution for the basketball community in Sweden. This is the beginning of a new era for our company and an important step towards our vision to make all sports available on all levels with the help of new innovative technologies and solutions customized for sports, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.

This is the beginning of a new era for Solidsport and an important step towards our vision to make all sports available on all levels.

Basket TV is a fully customised sports media environment that now will gather all Swedish basketball games, broadcasts and games statistics on one platform with white label design and a full sports data integration, unlocking the power of automated game scheduling and game statistics.

– This means that every single team, club, event and game now will be available on Basket TV, inviting all teams to broadcast live and share all action with the basketball community. The full integration with their sports data system Profixio also opens the possibility to make all statistics available on every game that is automatically published on every club and team channel across Basket TV, Thalbäck explains.

Discover more about Basket TV by visiting baskettv.se

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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