2023-03-23 12:00Press release

Solidsport launches custom mobile app for Swedish Basketball

The Swedish Basketball Federation (SBBF) has long been at the forefront of digitizing the sport and making it accessible to everyone through live broadcasts. With the ambition to digitize and make basketball more accessible, SBBF and Solidsport continue to drive the development forward for how basketball is consumed in Sweden. As part of this effort, a new app for Basket TV is now being launched with the goal of making it even easier for basketball fans to follow their favorite teams.

– Over the five years we have worked together with Solidsport, we have achieved a lot. During 2022 we launched Basket TV - a completely new and tailored platform for live streaming basketball. We are happy to now also be able to launch our own app for live broadcasts. The app makes it possible to easily follow your favorite team and stream the matches you have chosen to purchase on Basket TV, says Fredrik Joulamo, Secretary General of Swedish Basketball Federation.

A year ago, there was no unified platform covering the thousands of matches at the grassroots level for Swedish Basketball. The broadcasts were only available through Solidsport's platform together with all other sports. Today, a total of 5,000 teams and clubs broadcast through Solidsport, which in 2022 resulted in 85,000 live games and events throughout the Nordic region and the German market.

By using a dedicated and tailored platform together with a customized app, Basket TV has now enabled a completely new digital arena for Swedish Basketball in a way that was not previously possible.

We see the new app for Basket TV as a great opportunity. By making the user experience better for viewers, the hope is that more people will have access to their match, no matter how big it is. The main purpose of Basket TV is to activate and make all basketball in Sweden at the grassroots level accessible.

– Fredrik Joulamo, Secretary General of Swedish Basketball Federation.

The app now aims to make the experience even better, as it mirrors all users' monthly supporter subscriptions and allows viewers to cast from their phone to their TV via both Chromecast and Apple TV. The goal is to make it even easier to watch basketball games live and for Swedish Basketball to continue to be a leading player in digitizing Swedish sports.

This is the first app we’ve developed tailored to a single sports federation, but it is also a first step in a strategic investment to gather and make a single sport accessible with maximum user experience. The Basket TV app gives basketball viewers an easy and convenient place for the content they have purchased access to through their monthly supporter subscription.

– Thomas Lindén, CEO of Solidsport.

The app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

About Solidsport

As one of the largest sport media platforms in Europe, Solidsport is leading the way of digitizing sports at all levels by making it possible for every sport federation, league, event, club or team to share their games online with fans, family and friends. With Solidsport, every team, club, league or event can broadcast their games and create new revenue streams through subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising possibilities. To date, over +3000 clubs and teams are using the Solidsport platform and apps across Europe, broadcasting over +200 000 games and sporting events.


Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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