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Swedish Badminton Launches Badminton Play – Powered by Solidsport

Solidsport is thrilled to announce the official launch of Badmintonplay.se, a dedicated platform designed to elevate the experience of badminton for players, fans, and clubs throughout Sweden.

Badmintonplay.se, operating under a white-label framework, brings together all the broadcasting and content needs of Swedish badminton enthusiasts under one unique brand. Powered by Solidsport's cutting-edge technology, it guarantees the same high-quality streaming for badminton matches and events across all levels, ensuring that fans can engage with their favorite players and teams in unprecedented ways.

Empowering Clubs and Organizations

Beyond providing an immersive experience for fans, Badminton Play offers an opportunity for clubs and organizations to connect with their audiences on a grand scale. This increased visibility not only benefits the clubs but also boosts the overall profile of Swedish badminton.

"Solidsport has been our trusted media partner since 2018, and this move towards a dedicated badminton platform is truly exciting. I'm confident that many will appreciate the convenience of accessing badminton matches through Badminton Play, which promises increased viewership for badminton in the future” says Åsa Strindlund, Secretary General of Svenska Badmintonförbundet.

"Fundamentally, Badminton Play empowers all teams and clubs to broadcast their games or events without financial risk, instantly creating a new revenue stream for them. All that's required is a smartphone, which everyone already has. This is the driving force behind Solidsport's success, with over 100,000 games and sports events broadcasted annually, resulting in over 9 000 000€ generated to our teams and clubs since our start" says Andreas Westerlind, CCO of Solidsport.

Westerlind also highlights the Broadcast App, which enables all teams and clubs to produce professional broadcasts with graphics and highlights using a smartphone, free of charge. This innovation has transformed sports streaming across Europe in recent years. 

"It's important to point out that Solidsport isn't responsible for all the great badminton broadcasts across Sweden. It's the teams and clubs behind the cameras, managing the technology at each venue, while we provide a leading platform for content distribution and a customized payment solution, enabling each club to generate revenue from their broadcasts."

More Than a Platform: A Community Hub

Beyond a complete streaming hub, Badminton Play is more than just a platform for content consumption and distribution. It's also a vibrant community hub where badminton enthusiasts can interact, engage, and be part of a growing online community that shares their passion. For clubs, Badminton Play is a powerful tool to enhance their presence and reach out to new members and supporters.

Get more info and watch the excitement live on badmintonplay.se

About Solidsport

As one of the largest sport media platforms in Europe, Solidsport is leading the way of digitizing sports at all levels by making it possible for every sport federation, league, event, club or team to share their games online with fans, family and friends. With Solidsport, every team, club, league or event can broadcast their games and create new revenue streams through subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising possibilities. To date, over +3000 clubs and teams are using the Solidsport platform and apps across Europe, broadcasting over +200 000 games and sporting events.


Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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