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Solidsport powers Koristv.fi with extended basketball partnership

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Solidsport is thrilled to announce a new groundbreaking collaboration with the Finnish Basketball Association, as the technical provider for their new custom streaming platform – Koristv.fi.

November 2023 | Helsinki, Finland. This partnership will not only bring fans to a custom basketball platform but also put them in a front-row seat to all divisional games as well as thousands of youth games beneath, beginning already this 2023-24 season.

Koristv, the new hub for all divisional games, will showcase Men's Division 1A and 1B, alongside Women's Division 1, streamed with seamless excellence. Powered by automated cameras, fans can expect a high-quality viewing experience, capturing every thrilling moment on the court.

Sauli Silvonen, Country Manager for Solidsport Finland, expressed his excitement about this dynamic collaboration:

At Solidsport, we're dedicated to enriching the sports streaming experience. Our partnership with Finnish basketball enables us to provide viewers with unparalleled access to second league action, from the opening tip-off to the championship-clinching game. We're proud to be at the forefront of this exciting venture.

Solidsport has consistently delivered top-tier streaming solutions and has been Basketball Finland's recommended platform for numerous events, including youth national games and junior league matches. This partnership further strengthens Solidsport's position as a frontrunner in sports streaming technology.

Tom Westerholm, the Competition Director of Basketball Finland, commented:

This new service gives us the ability to offer new revenue streams from views to the teams in the Divisional leagues. It's great that we can yet again provide the viewers with every single top league game from the tip-off to the final championship game.

The future is bright for basketball enthusiasts. Koristv was launched already in September, offering fans the choice of a season pass tailored to a specific division at 69 euros, granting access to all regular season games. Alternatively, viewers can opt for individual game access at the price of 6.90 euros.

For more information, visit Koristv.fi to stay updated on this thrilling new venture and keep an eye out for Solidsport's continued excellence in sports streaming.

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind
Sauli Silvonen
Country Manager, Finland
Sauli Silvonen

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