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Solidsport becomes partner app of Vodafone in Germany

Livestreaming with Solidsport is now even easier for sport clubs in Germany. By including the apps Solidsport and Solidsport Broadcast in the Vodafone Video pass, Vodafone customers can now produce and consume live streams without worrying about using up their data volume. 

Important news for all sports clubs and Solidsport users with Vodafone subscriptions. Thanks to the integration of the Solidsport Broadcast App in Vodafone’s partner program, clubs and teams can now broadcast  their games and events live without consuming mobile data. The requirement is the use of the Vodafone Pass “Video” and also includes the Solidsport App for spectators that now can watch games unlimited at the same time.

On behalf of our vision “All Sports. Everywhere” streaming with mobile devices and mobile data plays a major role for our partners and their viewers. Thanks to the integration in the Vodafone Pass, it's now possible to use our apps completely without data consumption. Another important step towards our goal of offering the entire sports community a simple but professional way to broadcast their sports live.

- Henry Bluck, Country Manager Germany Solidsport

With the integration in Vodafone’s partner program, Solidsport is now in a line with streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Go and DAZN. The only difference is that Solidsport is not only offering unlimited streaming. By also getting the Solidsport Broadcast App included in the partner program, unlimited sport broadcasting is also made possible. 

More information about the Vodafone Pass: 

About Solidsport

Solidsport was founded with the vision of digitizing the sports community and making it possible to broadcast all games and events on all levels. That by creating a free and easy streaming platform that enables everyone to broadcast their sport live. Since the start, 160 000+ games and sporting events have been broadcasted on Solidsport, generating over 5 000 000€ in revenue to those thousands teams and clubs using the platform.


Henry Blunck
Country Manager, Germany
Henry Blunck

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