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Basketball Wien – Solidsport’s next partner in Austria

Solidsport continues to sign new partnerships on the Austrian market.
Basketball Wien - das Osterturnier, one of the largest basketball tournaments in Europe, is now next in line to partner up with Solidsport to broadcast their event held in April 2022. 

“We are happy to partner with Solidsport, who has a long experience of working with tournaments like ours. This gives us the possibility to bring the whole event to the world”

- Peter Krappel, Event Organizer of Basketball Wien.

The international youth tournament with over 30 years of experience is going to broadcast all games from 16 courts live and on demand. Something that is possible thanks to a new partnership with Solidsport, the European leading sport streaming platform that has been offering their services in Austria since spring 2022. 

“This special event brings different cultures together and supports the international community of basketball. With Solidsport it is possible now to get more visibility and to let the people from everywhere take part in this amazing event"

Solidsport has a broad experience of working with over 400 tournaments and sporting events across the Nordics and now look forward to the same with Basketball Wien.

“We are happy to welcome one of the most traditional basketball tournaments to Solidsport and we're glad to be part of this special event. Together we are going to bring all the emotions and special moments to the people all over the world. We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship and I am glad to be in Vienna for the event in April.”

- Henry Blunck, Country Manager Solidsport Deutschland. 

About Solidsport

Solidsport was founded with the vision of digitizing the sports community and making it possible to broadcast all games and events on all levels. That by creating a free and easy streaming platform that enables everyone to broadcast their sport live. Since the start, 160 000+ games and sporting events have been broadcasted on Solidsport, generating 5 000 000€+ in revenue to those thousands teams and clubs using the platform.


Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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