2022-03-16 08:00News

MWRC brings international racing to Solidsport

High quality kart racing from BNL Karting Series and Rotax Max Euro Trophy has found its way to Solidsport, thanks to a new cooperation with the organizer MW Race Consulting.

200 racers from all over the world are ready for the grand kick off in the prestigious BNL Karting Series in Genk, Belgium this weekend. This will also be the first races that the organizer MW Race Consulting will broadcast with multi camera production live on Solidsport, thanks to a new cooperation.

This cooperation will help us continue to develop our international broadcasts and build up our karting community across Europe.

–Meik Wagner, CEO and founder of MW Race Consulting.

After the BNL Karting Series, the next race will be round one of Rotax Max Euro Trophy in April, followed by round two, three and four in May, July and September.

“We look forward to welcoming the karting community across Europe and creating a long lasting relationship with MW Race Consulting, helping them continue to deliver high quality broadcasts from different parts of the world” says Henry Blunck, Country Manager of Solidsport Deutschland.

The full races will be broadcasted live on:

Upcoming races:

March 19-20: BNL Karting Series
April 22-24: Rotax Max Euro Trophy, Round 1
May 27-29: Rotax Max Euro Trophy, Round 2
July 8-10: Rotax Max Euro Trophy, Round 3
September 16-18: Rotax Max Euro Trophy, Round 4

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Henry Blunck
Country Manager, Germany
Henry Blunck