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Solidsport is ready to digitize European sport industry – secures €2.3 million investment


The market for sport broadcasting is growing rapidly. Solidsport, the largest sport streaming platform in Northern Europe, is now raising €2.3 million to fund a European expansion and meet the increasing demand of sport streaming.
“The interest of sport broadcasting, on all levels, exceeded all our expectations during 2020”, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.
After successful launches in Sweden and Finland, Solidsport is in the front seat as the market leading platform for sport broadcasting in Scandinavia, with over 43 000+ broadcasted sporting events during 2020. 
A success story built on the vision of making it possible for all clubs and teams to broadcast sport live – on all levels – in a simple but professional way. From grassroots to the highest league.

Reaches €3M turnover and 1,000,000 users 
2020 was a global challenge for all sports, because of the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions that have followed with it. Very tough audience restrictions, enormous financial losses and accelerated digitalisation of society, has made sport streaming on all levels and new innovative ways of creating revenue online a critical question for the sport industry.
Sport on grassroot levels has been completely shut down for long periods the last year. But that hasn’t stopped Solidsport from closing the year with record turnover of €3 million and at the same time passing a big milestone with 1,000,000 signed up users.
“The interest in sport broadcasting exceeded all our expectations in 2020. As soon as there was an opportunity to practice sports and play games, we have seen a strong demand for live broadcasts. We are also confident that this will continue in 2021 and onwards”, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.
Secures €2.3 million investment to fund European expansion
Solidsport is now raising €2.3 million to continue to increase the pace of their product development and at the same time prepare the company for a major international expansion on a billion dollar market.
“Our business model is proven and has already generated €4.3 million to thousands of clubs and teams around Scandinavia. Now we want to continue to develop our existing partnership in Sweden and Finland at the same time as we intend to take Solidsport further out in Europe'', Thalbäck says.
It’s completely free and unlimited to broadcast sport on Solidsport. In addition to that, the platform also offers a complete payment system that makes it easy to create revenue from the broadcast. Teams, clubs and events can charge their viewers with pay per view, date customised access tickets or a monthly supporter subscription. 
The monthly supporter subscription works just like Netflix or similar payment services. The person who becomes a monthly supporter gets access to all content produced by the team or club that he or she chooses to support.
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About Solidsport
Solidsport was founded with the vision to enabe all sports to broadcast their sport live. At all levels.
With the help of the live broadcasts Solidsport wants to enable the possibility to share all excitement and joy, create new important income for clubs, develop players and leaders, inspire more sports and contribute to a better society where more people move and more people feel healthy.


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