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Swedish Table Tennis broadcasts live when world-class players chases gold

World stars Kristian Karlsson, Mattias Falck and Truls Möregårdh is ready for Swedish Championships. Photo: BildbyrånWorld stars Kristian Karlsson, Mattias Falck and Truls Möregårdh is ready for Swedish Championships. Photo: Bildbyrån

A world-class championship awaits during this week when both World Cup runner-up Truls Möregårdh and World Cup gold heroes Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson get ready for the Swedish Table Tennis Championships in Karlskrona.

On 2-5 June, it is finally time for the Swedish Table Tennis Championships in Brinova Arena, Karlskrona. A highlight of the year for ping pong lovers and one of the season's most prestigious championships for the national table tennis elite.

This year with a starting field in the highest world class on the men's side.

All Swedish national team players have been given the green light to play, with Truls Möregård, now number one in Europe and fifth in the world rankings, and World Cup gold medalists Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson in the lead.

My goal is of course to win but it will be super tough when everyone in the national team is involved. There is a very high level in the competition.

– Truls Möregårdh (Svensk Bordtennis)

Meaning that the audience on site can expect a table tennis contest of the highest class at the same time as everyone else will be able to watch the action live on the Swedish Table Tennis Association's own official channel, thanks to the partnership with Solidsport.

– Together with the Swedish Table Tennis Association, Solidsport are proud to be able to offer the opportunity to watch all games from the Table Tennis Championships live. It is one of our most prestigious events in Sweden this year, filled with world-class and elite players who together will attract a wide sports audience, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.

Watch the games live on solidsport.com/bordtennis-sm

Swedish top players on site in Karlskrona (world ranking)

Truls Möregårdh, Eslövs AI BTK (5)
Anton Källberg, Söderhamns UIF (15)
Kristian Karlsson, Halmstad BTK (16)
Mattias Falck, Halmstad BTK (36)
Jon Persson, Söderhamns UIF (39)

Linda Bergström, Ängby SK (41)
Stina Källberg, Halmstad BTK (53)
Filippa Bergand, Eslövs AI BTK (185)

About Solidsport

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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