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Solidsport & Spiideo Powers Dana Cup to Broadcast 2000 Games Worldwide


Solidsport is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Dana Cup, one of the world's premier youth football tournaments and Denmark's largest sporting event. This agreement makes Solidsport the official broadcasting partner, providing over 2000 livestreams from 22 fields using Spiideo’s advanced AI technology. This collaboration will deliver an unmatched viewing experience for fans worldwide.

Hjørring, Denmark - May 2024. Solidsport, a leading provider of sports broadcasting services, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership agreement with Dana Cup, one of the world's most prestigious youth football tournaments and Denmark’s largest sporting event. This collaboration will see Solidsport become the exclusive broadcasting partner for Dana Cup, delivering over 2000 livestreams from 22 fields using cutting-edge AI cameras from Spiideo, a leader in AI technology.

The Dana Cup, held annually in Hjørring, Denmark, attracts thousands of young football talents from around the globe, making it a cornerstone event in youth football. This year, the tournament will benefit from Solidsport’s state-of-the-art custom white-label OTT platform, ensuring an unparalleled viewing experience for fans worldwide.

Andreas Westerlind, Chief Commercial Officer of Solidsport, commented on the partnership:

Solidsport is incredibly proud to partner with Dana Cup, one of the most famous youth football tournaments. Our advanced OTT platform, combined with Spiideo’s AI-driven production capabilities, will provide fans with an immersive and dynamic viewing experience, bringing the excitement of Dana Cup to their global audience around the world.

The partnership underscores Solidsport's commitment to enhancing the visibility and accessibility of youth sports through innovative broadcasting solutions. By leveraging AI technology from Spiideo, the broadcasts will feature high-quality, automated productions that capture every critical moment of the tournament.

Streaming Manager Torben Vansted from Dana Cup expresses their enthusiasm for the new partnership:

For us, it is of enormous importance to use a partner who, like ourselves, puts security of supply and quality first. We had the opportunity to test the collaboration with both Spiideo and SolidSport in 2023. It worked perfectly, so we are convinced that streaming from the Dana Cup to the whole world is in the best hands, so the message from the happy youth football gets through.

With over 2000 livestreams planned from 22 fields, the coverage promises to be comprehensive, offering fans and participants alike the opportunity to relive every goal, save, and key play from the comfort of their homes. This landmark partnership is set to transform how the Dana Cup is experienced, making it accessible to a global audience and setting a new standard for youth sports broadcasting.

Sounds exiting? Watch the Dana Cup live and on-demand on danacup-play.com

About Dana Cup:
Dana Cup is one of the largest youth football tournaments in the world, held annually in Hjørring, Denmark. It gathers thousands of young football talents from across the globe, providing a platform for them to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. As Denmark’s largest sporting event, Dana Cup is a celebration of youth football and sportsmanship.

For more information, please visit solidsport.com and danacup.dk.

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Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind

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