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Solidsport Expands in German Handball with Ninth Regional Partnership


Solidsport GmbH is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Westfalen Handball Association (HV Westfalen), enhancing the accessibility and quality of live handball broadcasts. This agreement allows fans to enjoy games from the top leagues from the comfort of their homes. This collaboration signifies another step in Solidsport's ongoing commitment to becoming the leading OTT provider of European handball, building on successful partnerships across the Nordic region, Austria and Germany.

Hamburg | Germany. Solidsport GmbH is proud to announce its new partnership with the Westfalen Handball Association (HV Westfalen) for the upcoming season. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in bringing live handball action to fans, enabling them to watch games from the top Regionalliga and below live from the halls and directly to their homes.

Through this partnership, Solidsport will provide an easy and comprehensive way to follow the games live, enhancing the viewing experience with modern streaming technology. Detailed information about the services and partnership will be shared before the season commences.

Henry Blunck of Solidsport GmbH expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration:

We're proud to welcome the Westfalen Handball Association (HV Westfalen) as another regional handball association to Solidsport. We look forward to a long-term and successful collaboration with the association and its numerous clubs.

Björn Bruckhaus, Managing Director of HV Westfalen, also commented on the new partnership:

We're excited to enter the new season with Solidsport. We have found an excellent streaming provider in them, offering a comprehensive package with modern technology. This allows us to make a significant step forward in quality.

Solidsport already has partnerships with multiple handball federations in the Nordics and Austria, and now also with nine regional federations in Germany. This further solidifies Solidsport's position as the leading OTT provider of European handball at all levels. The partnership between Solidsport and HV Westfalen promises to bring the excitement of handball to a wider audience, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action.

About the Westfalen Handball Association (HV Westfalen):
The Westfalen Handball Association (HV Westfalen) is a prominent regional handball federation in Germany, overseeing the development and promotion of handball in the Westfalen region. Committed to fostering talent and enhancing the sport's reach, HV Westfalen organizes competitions ranging from the Verbandsliga to the Regionalliga, providing a structured pathway for athletes at all levels. The association is dedicated to supporting clubs, players, and the broader handball community through comprehensive programs, resources, and partnerships. HV Westfalen continues to play a vital role in the growth and success of handball in the region, ensuring a vibrant and competitive handball landscape.

About Solidsport

Solidsport, a leading sports OTT platform in Europe, stands at the forefront of sports streaming, trusted by 20+ international and national federations, 5000 teams and clubs, and 500 tournaments. With a "From Pay to Play" approach, Solidsport's dynamic ecosystem contributes directly to the success and sustainability of its 5000+ sports broadcasters. The risk-free revenue-sharing model has generated over 10,000,000€ back to federations, leagues, clubs, tournaments, and sporting events, earning trust and acclaim from partners across the sports community.


Andreas Westerlind
Chief Commercial Officer
Andreas Westerlind
Henry Blunck
Country Manager, Germany
Henry Blunck

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