2020-12-17 11:09Press release

Solidsport announces new partnership in Finland


The largest sport streaming platform in Scandinavia keeps on growing in Finland. The Finnish Gymnastics Federation is now the next sport association to sign a partnership agreement with Solidsport.
 This cooperation will open the chance to gather all finnish gymnastics on one platform, says Jaana Hyrkäs, Project Manager for Finnish Gymnastics Federation.
45 000+ live streamed sport events, over 5000 broadcasting teams and clubs and 1 000 000 users have put Solidsport in the front seat as the leading sport streaming platform in Scandinavia. Since 2018 over 15 partnership deals have been signed with different sports associations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. 
A new chapter was started during the beginning of 2019 when Solidsport opened their first office outside Sweden in Helsinki, Finland. An investment that now has resulted in thousands of new broadcasting teams and clubs and several signed partnership deals with associations from both handball, floorball, basketball and futsal. 
– Our results in Finland have exceeded all expectations. Lately we have seen hundreds of new teams and clubs joining our platform every week along with increasing interest from different associations. It has been a fantastic journey so far and we look forward to continuing to develop our current partnerships, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO at Solidsport.
And the next partnership in Finland is already in place. After several successful live streamed competitions during 2020 the Finnish Gymnastics Federation have now signed a one year contract with Solidsport. 
We have over 370 member clubs in all over Finland and this cooperation will open the chance to gather all finnish gymnastics on one platform. We hope that we can encourage gymnastics clubs to digitize their activities, shows and competitions. On the other hand we are expecting more and more people to watch gymnastics live on Solidsport. It is a risk free option for gymnastics clubs, because there are no fixed costs. It is a great opportunity for them, says Jaana Hyrkäs, Project Manager for Finnish Gymnastics Federation.
– It’s great to welcome another association to Solidsport. Thanks to several successful events during this year we have already seen the potential of what finnish gymnastics can accomplish with the help of our live streaming solution. This partnership gives us the opportunity to accelerate that even more and help the association to keep digitizing their activities and competitions, says Sauli Silvonen, Country Manager at Solidsport.
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO
073-341 44 06
Andreas Westerlind, Marketing Communications Manager
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